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What Studying Position To Use, Does It Even Matter?

[1]In the past, I’ve discussed the importance of using favorable studying locations but also the debate over studying in groups or alone. Then, I received a few interesting questions regarding what position candidates should use when studying the CFA. Standing? Seated at a desk or in front of the tv, maybe even in a vertical position?

It’s All About Being Efficient

I’m not convinced there is one superior position to use. Most probably study in a seated position, ideally with a comfortable chair and a well adjusted desk. That can obviously work wonders and is certainly the more standard position. I’m a big believer in the fact that we are all very different and we each have different levels of productivity.

For Me, It’s All About Diversity

Personally, as I’ve already mentionned, I try to do a bit of everything. That means sitting, but also doing some stuff while watching tv, studying some things to learn by heart while taking a walk, taking small notes that I can look at while in the bus or subway. I typically only keep the same position for a few hours or so and then change.

How about you? What is your most productive studying position and how often do you alternate those?