Where To Get Those CFA Mock Exams

For those who have read my CFA studying strategy ebook, you know that I recommend doing a ton of qbank questions as well as 10-20 mock exams. Just to clarify, I mean the 3 hour ones (some would say these are “half exams”)..they would generally have 120 multiple choice questions. So where can you find so many mock exams? It’s actually not that difficult:

-CFA Institute website


By signing up for the exam, you get access to 1 mock exam. You can also buy 2 sample exam for $40 per exam. It might sound like a lot of money (in a way, it is),



Schweser is the leading CFA preparation company and they sell many different products including 2 full book of practice exams

-Analyst Notes:


You can also use these services to help you prepare, they do have practice exams although I have not heard much recently, I personally got a lot out of this website when preparing for level 1.

In terms of qbank questions, which are quick and easier to do when you have less time, Schweser and AnalystNotes are your top options..!

These Are Critical

I’ve written about this but I basically feel like time spent on mock exams and qbank questions is by very far the best way to spend time studying. Just think about it.. it’s very likely that in your actual exam, 70-80% of the sets of questions (except for ethics) will be similar to sets that you’ve done in mock/practice exams. If you are able to do and understand the vast majority of those questions sets while doing mock exams, you’ll have a huge start for the actual exam.

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