Should Passing The CFA Be Part Of Your 2012 Resolutions?

I don’t know about you but I’m a strong believer in resolutions, in promising myself to hold myself to higher standards on a few points. Some believe in taking such actions, some others don’t. I guess te biggest reason why someone would believe or not is how much success they’ve had in the past. Personally, I’ve been very successful in holding my New Year resolutions. Why? Here are the keys in my opinion:

Quality over Quantity: There is no sense in having 20, 30 or more resolutions. Pick between 5 and 10 that you can focus on

Weekly Progress: Every week, I attempt to make some type of progress on these, by spending 15-20 minutes when the week starts looking over them

Think About the “Why”: It’s easy to write down goals but I think it’s as important if not even more to think about why you need to make these goals reality and what will happen if you don’t.

Constant Reminders: Every week, when looking at your weeekly plan, remind yourself of your objectives and why they are so critical for you to succeed in.

Make Yourself Accountable: There are many ways to do this. Personally, I like to tell friends and family about those goals and make sure they ask about your progress often

I don’t see how someone intending to pass the CFA could not include that in one of the top objectives for 2012. It’s important enough to require a major commitment and as I’ve said often enough, there is no sense in signing up if you’re not going to put up a major effort.

The first step would be without any doubt to plan your studying journey. Of course I will tend to plug in our own ebook about “Passing The CFA In 12 Weeks”, it will be released in a few days so stay tuned if ever you’re interested in getting a detailed roadmap. I’ve said many times that passing the CFA is all about preparation, being able to focus on the right things and being as productive and efficient as possible with your time.

Being able to plan when, where, with who and how you will study will also make a huge difference in the end.

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