How To Feel Confident Before The Exam

I wrote about this a bit but I think it’s very important to arrive at the exam with a good and positive attitude. It’s not just about knowing your material and showing up. Why does it matter? Because it’s one thing to do mock exams at home when you have nothing to lose and you know that you will get another chance the next day. It’s a whole other story when you are doing the actual exam and suddenly you start wondering about the possibility of fialing the exam, of telling your boss, etc. That is when it can get to your head and end up having an impact on your actual performance. That is exactly what you need to avoid at all costs.

Arrive At The Exam With The Right Attitude

What is the right attitude? I would say that you need to be:


How do you achieve this? Here are my top tips:

-If at all possible, spend your last day or a good part of it relaxing, going to bed early and doing some sports/exercise
-Get someone to call you to wake you up (you can do the same for someone else), it will reduce your anxiety about not waking up
-Get prepared as best as you possible can (ideally using our CFA studying strategy ebook!) – shameless plug I know:)
-Don’t think about all of the possibilities
-Do your best in each and every question (in the end, this is what it’s all about, being able to simply do your best on each question)
-Start the exam with sections that will give you confidence
-Manage your time correctly
-Don’t worry about questions you’re missing (there are tons of questions, you can afford to miss many of them… don’t lose much thought or energy over missing a few)

What are your thoughts? Any other tips you can think of?

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