Do You Feel Ready For The CFA?

Over the past few months we ran a survey on our LinkedIn profile, which you can check out if you have not done so already. My main question was how candidates felt in regards to the fast approaching CFA exam. Here are the results:

Surprising? Probably not. I guess most candidates that visit this site have a detailed plan that they have been following. Hopefully some of them have been using my 12 week CFA studying plan!

Most candidates that do have a solid plan are able to feel like while not ready, they are well on pace.

When Should You Feel Ready?

I don’t think most candidates ever get to the point where they are fully confident. There are so many different things to consider and there is so much material to cover that feeling like you understand it all, is a very difficult point to reach. I personally feel like I could never get there because I’d always be focusing so much more on the critical sections so those less important ones would always end up being overlooked.

Feeling Fully Prepared

What I aspire to is being fully prepared for the exam. I always discuss the critical studying week and I am able to make so much progress during that time that I do feel fairly good about it once that period comes to an end. I truly hope that you will have that opportunity either next week or the following one. At that point, after doing plenty of mock exams and qbank questions, you should get to the point where:

-You know what to expect from the exam
-You know how to answer and solve all of those questions
-You know by heart the important formulas and concepts

Are You There Yet?

Do you feel ready or fully prepared? If not, what would you need to get there?

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