Did You Study Last Weekend For Your CFA Exam?

For many of you, the upcoming December CFA exam is your target. You have 75 days or so to go, tons of material to read, study, learn by heart, mock exams, qbanks, revisions, etc. Yet, somehow, the exam still seems far away. You hopefully have a study schedule (if you don’t, please draw one up NOW) but you are easily able to skip one or two study sessions every week. “Why? Ah.. The exam is far away. I have plenty of time to catch up.

If you recognize yourself, please answer your question. With 75 days days to go, are you almost done reading the material and getting ready to start your first mock exam and study the qbank? If you are, congratulations, it looks like you are on schedule and have everything under control. I’m not saying that postponing is fine but this message is not as urgent for you. However if you are not very advanced in your material, and live well with yourself because the exam is over 2 months away, I have news for you; You Better Wake Up.


It becomes very easy when studying for this exam to start putting off things. The problem of course is that the exam will seem far away until you get 1-2 weeks from the exam. I know, I’ve said you can pass the exam in 1 month, but why make things more difficult than they need to be.

Do Yourself A Favor

The critical part is simple. Don’t start postponing things, changing your schedule, etc. Stick to it. We will soon be publishing an ebook about passing the CFA and there is no doubt that while planning your study is very important, the critical part is to actually stick to it. Don’t start doing something that could go on for several weeks and that you will feel fine about until those last few days. Believe me, in those last 2 weeks before the exam, you will have deep regrets about those missed studying times.

Become Accountable

Sometimes, being accountable is the best way to make sure that you stick to your schedule. There are many ways but I think one good one is to tell a few people which days you intend on studying. The easiest is when you set a fix day that occurs every week, no exceptions. Write those down, tell everyone and it will become much more automatic and less tempting to decline any invitations that are bound to happen.

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