Congratulations– You Have Your Life Back

If you are reading this, like thousands of others, you probably are finally done with studying for the CFA exam and while you will not know for some time if all of those efforts will end up paying off, one thing that you do know is that you finally have your life back.Is it time to celebrate? You bet. One of the most viewed sections of our website in the past few months has been about the sudden lack of life that candidates go through when studying for the CFA exam, especially in the final weeks and days. It probably seems unreal to even think about how much time you put into this single exam and what could possibly happen if you did end up failing the exam. Would you retake it?


Honestly, the time to think about the “What if’s” is not quite here, it will arrive soon enough when the results will actually be announced. In the meantime, it is pointless to start making up best case and worst case scenarios. Needless to say that the time used to think about these scenarios could be better used. You can think about retaking the exam (or not), your next exam, or even the multiple scenarios if you do end up coming short later. It’s not as if you were going to start studying for your next exam right away, even if you did do a repeat of level #1 next December.

I would simply recommend that you take a break, thank everyone who helped you along the road, perhaps do a post-mortem about what went well, what didn’t, not only on the exam day but your entire preparation. This will certainly help you in the future, even if you do not need to retake the exam. It’s always easier to remember these things right after the exam than a few months later (when you will really need it).

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