CFA: Your Last 24 hours

You’ve studied for months and months. You only have a few hours left before taking the exam and you can feel the pressure and, anxiety of passing the exam and getting it over with. At that point, it becomes a priority to be 100% ready both physically and mentally for the 6 hour exam. You will need to be focused and sharp for all of the exam and getting through your last day is a major component.

Here a few points of focus for your last 24 hours:

Light Studying Only

You should not start writing practice exams or studying all night just hours before the exam. In fact, ideally you would do light studying before dinner and then close everything out to enjoy dinner, take your mind off of the material, and simply relax. That is by far the most helpful thing that you can do. The morning of the exam, you can take a few notes with you (such as the notes to know by heart) and take a look before heading to the exam room…but by that point, your efficiency is close to 0, so don’t count too much on that.

Have A Good Dinner With Friends Or A Loved One

Take your mind off of the exam and everything that goes with it. The exam is stressful and taking your mind off of it will help you a great deal


Imagine yourself doing the exam and, everything going well, how does that feel? But also, you must put yourself in a scenario where you get a few problems that you do not feel good about. It will happen in the exam and you should not be surprised. Remind yourself that the exam has a couple of hundreds of questions and you will miss many no matter if you pass or fail.

Go To Bed Early

Getting a good night of sleep is a priority and since you don’t know how difficult it will be to fall asleep, give yourself a chance by going to bed early

Set 2 or 3 Alarms

Not worrying about waking up on time is priceless and will help a great deal in sleeping well. I always set a couple of alarms but also one other thing. Ask a fellow candidate to give you a call when he or she wakes up if you have not called him or her first. That gives you peace of mind about being able to wake up on time.

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