After The Exam

Congratulations, you finished the exam a few minutes ago and are ready to move on to the next step as if it never happened right? Wrong! I think it’s important to take 3 critical steps after your exam:


You’ve spent weeks and even months studying for an exam, and sacrificing weekends and evenings with friends. It’s over now. No matter how things went, that is more than enough for you to start celebrating. I personally never planned much after the exam because it’s difficult to predict how I would feel but usually the “after-exam” is one of the most satisfying feelings. Even physically, the drop of adrenaline could make you much more tired than you could imagine. Start with the exam and once that is done, worry about the after party.

Thank You’s

Over the weeks and months that you spent studying, you needed support and understanding from your boyfriend/girlfriend, your family and friends. They were there to help you out, to entertain you and believe in you. It’s time to thank them after the exam for everything they did. It’s easy to simply move on but they will really appreciate that you noticed their patience or their help cleaning the house or looking after the kids.

Take Notes

I know, I know, you feel like you are done by this point right? Close, but not exactly. It’s critical to take an hour or two to take some notes about the exam, the preparation, etc. Looking back on things:

-How was your preparation?
-What went well?
-What could have improved?
-Which parts of the material did you struggle with in the exam?
-Are there some sections that were much more important than you could have imagined?
-What would you change in your studying if you had to start over?

You don’t feel like doing it, I understand that. But in a few months, the exam will all seem like a blur. We hope that you will not have to take the exam again but if you do, looking back at those notes could be the difference between passing and failing. In any case, even if you do not take this exam again, looking back on your notes could provide some very valuable help in improving your overall studying skills, your discipline, etc.

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