2 Weeks Left Before Your CFA Exam – Time To Shine

This will be a short post because if you are reading this, you only have limited time right? You are entering the crunch time and then that final week. I know, it can become very difficult to concentrate at this point with the exam knocking on your door. But you know what, this is where it will all play out.

Imagine a sports game where you play hard for 60 minutes and then make it to overtime. There was NO point in putting in the effort if you can’t finish off with effort, focus and productivity over these next 12 days or so.

This is where everything will be decided and no matter where you are, you can most likely still pass or fail the exam. So please take 15 minutes every day to carefully plan your day and go from there, no thinking about the what if’s (what if I fail the CFA is the most common). You will have ample time to do some thinking after June 4th.  Between now and then, spend every minute that you can doing practice questions and mock exams and be sure to use the right strategy while doing so.

Keep it up; this is your moment to shine!!!

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