Keeping The Motivation Up For The CFA Exam

It’s a great challenge for any CFA candidate… keeping the motivation level high enough to remain dedicated to the exam and, to your study plan. It’s not always easy and as I write this, we are starting the New Year and many have a new level of motivation to change and improve their lives in 2011.

How to do it

One of the main keys behind doing the CFA exam is what motivates us to do almost anything in life: the carrot or the stick. You are either doing this exam in order to get something or to avoid something else. The critical part is to remember those reasons when things get a bit tougher or more difficult!

Write it down

Either before signing up for the exam or at any other point, take the time to reflect on a few questions and ask yourself:

-Why am I doing this exam?
-What will change if I do pass the exam? Career wise? Confidence wise?
-What do I have invested in this exam? How much time? How much money?
-Who else is helping me be successful for this exam?
-How will I feel if I fail the exam?
-Do I know for sure that I will retake the exam?

The objective is not to put too much pressure on yourself

You know yourself best obviously. The idea is not to add too much pressure here, but simply to put things back in perspective. You should write enough for you to be able to remember easily why you are doing this, why you are sacrificing so much, etc.

Review it often…

It’s important for you to remember at all times why you are putting all of this effort into one exam! You are putting in time, effort and sacrifices in order to pass this exam and as I’ve said many times in the past, you better put 100% of yourself into this exam if you’re going to do it. There’s just no sense in putting a half effort.

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