Do You Have What It Takes To Pass The CFA Exam?

Get Our 43 page eBook With strategy for your studying, mock exams and qbank question with premium support and a money back guarantee (no questions asked)… all for $9.95

Do You Have What It Takes To Pass The CFA Exam?

Increase Your Chances Of Passing The Exam with our eBook

Make Your Time 100% Productive: The reason why passing the CFA exam is so difficult is not so much about the exam being incredibly difficult. Rather it is caused by poor and ineffective preparation for the exam.

Focus On The Critical Elements: Passing the exam is more about using your time efficiently than anything else. I go over strategies that have worked for me and many others to use the right tools, etc.

1 ebook: 43 pages: It includes strategy, qbank and mock exam strategies, a week by week plan that you can follow.

How much is it? You can download this ebook and more for $9.95, just click here.

Why You Should Buy Now

Passing the CFA exam is extremely difficult and the majority of candidates do fail. Why? I would argue that the biggest reason isn’t the amount of time spent studying or even the skill level. It’s all about using your time efficiently, using an optimal strategy to focus on the critical parts of the exam. That winning strategy is the only thing discussed in this ebook.

You should not be thinking about the possibility of failing but I think it’s worth thinking about it. If ever you did, what kind of things might you regret doing or not doing. I would say that #1 on that list would be not committing yourself fully to the exam. In close second though would be studying evenings and weekends without ever being able to use a clear and effective strategy.

I strongly believe that with the right strategy, passing the exam with 1 month of preparation is more than possible. Have 2 months? Even better. I did an ebook about passing the CFA in 12 weeks because that is a more common study length but as long as you can have 1 intense, well executed month of studying, with at least 1 week off to stufy full time, you will give yourself a great opportunity to pass.

Thank you for your guide. I feel like my studying time is much more optimized which will help a great deal” – Jason

Your ebook was great. I’ve been trying to get through the readings faster and do a ton more m/cs. So far it seems to be going well” – Ashley

What Is Included In: Passing The CFA In 12 Weeks

The mindset that you need to pass the exam
Tools that you should be using while studying
-Tips on optimizing your efficiency by studying in the right places, with the right people
Strengths vs. Weaknesses: Which sections do you need to put your energy on, which sections can you not afford to fail?
Week-by-Week Plan: You might end up changing the plan slightly to meet your needs but having a starting point is invaluable as you can then concentrate on the actual material rather than on trying to figure out how to get it done
Intense Week: Regular visitors know that in my opinion, the whole preparation is about preparing that one week where you can become ready and confident about your chances. The mindset, strategy and time use in that week is more critical than anything else you could think of! This alone is worth the price of the ebook!
Strategy for Qbank, Mock Exams and the actual exam: These are simple but very useful tips to help you improve your day.


Upon buying the ebook, you will receive weekly emails to check on your progress every week until the exam takes place. These emails will be short and straight to the point:

-What You Should Have Done
-What Needs To Be Done In The Next Few Days
-A few tips

Buy Now for $9.95

The Guarantee

I personally think that buying and reading this ebook will help you significantly in passing the exam and at the current price, even raising your chances by a few percentage points is well worth it. In fact, I think the only way this would not be a good buy is if you’re not 100% convinced that you can go through this ebook and follow it up with actions! If that’s the case, please don’t waste your money on this. However, if you are determined to pass the CFA exam and don’t want to do everything in your power to pass the exam, I truly believe this ebook can help you a great deal. If however, after going through the ebook you feel like the ebook was not helpful and that you did not get your money’s worth, I will be more than happy to give you back your money, in exchange for some feedback to improve the product!


Download our eBook: Passing Your CFA Level 1 Exam In 12 Weeks

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