Make Yourself Accountable

Earlier this month, we unveiled the ultimate road map, a guide from A to Z on how to pass the exam. It’s not about the formulas really. The big difference between those who do pass the exam and those that don’t is not about who knew more from the start or even who put in a few more hours. In reality, those who pass are generally those who:

-Have a Plan
-Follow that Plan
-Build their Plan using the right priorities (as discussed in the ebook)

Do you get it?

It’s All About The Plan

If you can build a good enough plan, that includes some early mock exams, focusing on the right priorities and dedicating yourself to being ready for the exam, chances are very good that you will pass the exam.

The One Missing Part

The biggest element missing at this point would be making sure that you do actually follow that plan throughout the entire studying period. It’s a lot easier to make the plan than to stick to it.

Make Yourself Accountable

I think the best method is to tell someone around you exactly what you are doing, the plan, etc. Ideally that person would be a study partner that is also doing the exam. But it can also work very well to have a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or someone else that is not as familiar with the CFA. Why? Because when 2 CFA candidates try to hold each other accountable, they’ll sometimes make it easier to give “excuses”.

“Oh I could not get the practice exam done..just not ready”

“Yeah totally hear you, I’m waiting as well”

That is NOT good. I’m telling you. Give that schedule to someone and make them check up with you. Tell them to not take any excuses. To hold you accountable at the end of every week.

If you knew that the one likely reason for failing the exam would be to not follow up on your studying plan, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you will follow through?

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