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Today, I wanted to do a CFA level breakdown. It’s something that many candidates wonder about, what the differences between the levels of the CFA. First off, if you do not know what the CFA is, I have written quite a bit about what it is, what it stands for and what you need to pass it. Basically, the CFA title can make a big difference in the job, the salary and conditions that you will end up making. How do you get the title? The first thing, and by far the most important is to sign up for the exam.

So many potential candidates have a difficult time deciding if the exam is right for them or not. If you are able to commit yourself to passing the exam and want to pursue a career that relates to investing, research or trading, there is a good chance the CFA is for you.Then comes the tricky part, you must pass a series of the 3 exams:

CFA Level 1 – find out more about it here – if you are thinking about doing this one, I highly recommend that you take a look at our ebook: How To Pass The CFA Exam In 12 Weeks

CFA Level 2 – find out more about it here

CFA Level 3 – find out more about it here

Once all 3 exams are passed (which can take anywhere between 2.5 years and 10 years (yes I’ve seen some take that long), you can apply to become a CFA charter holder. Actually getting it depends mostly on what type of experience you have (it must be considered relevant by the CFA institute so generally that means being something where you apply a portion of the CFA material). I would say though that passing the exam is by far the most important.

Once all of that is done, you must simply pay your annual fees every year in order to enjoy the benefits of holding a CFA title.


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