CFA Level 1

The CFA Level 1 exam is the first of 3 CFA exams that can help you obtain the CFA title.

CFA Level 1 Exam Format

The CFA level 1 exam consists of a morning and an afternoon session. In each 3 hour session, candidates must answer 120 multiple choice questions, there are 3 possible answers for each question.

CFA Level 1 Exam Dates

This is the only CFA exam that is given twice per year. It can be done either on the first Saturday of June or of December.

How To Pass The Exam

Hopefully this does not feel too much like a shameless plug but I really do think that our CFA ebook: “How to Pass The CFA in 12 weeks” gives a great base in how to pass the exam, mostly in terms of strategy. In my opinion, the key to passing the CFA Level 1 is not so much knowing the material itself but rather being able to focus on the critical parts of the exam, do mock exams at the key moments to ensure that you are fully prepared come exam time.

CFA Level 1 Material

The CFA level 1 material is mostly basic finance. It would be very similar to what a candidates could learn in a finance degree. There are 3 big elements of focus:

-Ethics (15%)
-Accounting (Financial Reporting and analysis (20%)
-Asset and debt valuation and understanding (30%)

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