Things Could Have Been Much Worse

I know that many of you are unhappy about the way the exam went and for some confidence is very low that you will actually be able to pull off this exam. But you have a shot, and that is already quite significant. I just wanted to expose a couple of true stories that happened to some CFA candidates in recent years. Why? Because you should know that the outcome could have been much worse. At least you will know the result which is already more than many.

Lost Exams

It has not happened often but as you may know all exams are corrected in Virginia, USA. Imagine if those exam copies get lost. It has happened recently. Those students ended up finding out about the “problem” a few weeks later and had their exam voided and they had to retake the exam. Honestly, even if you felt less confident about the outcome, how much would you like being told a few weeks later that you will need to take a new exam months later?

Problems With The Exam Room

Another situation that has happened in my hometown occurred during a December exam for the level #1. The candidates started the exam and after a little more than one hour, there was an electricity disruption. Can you believe it? The candidates waited in silence with no lights but after over half an hour, the proctors had to take a decision. The exam was postponed for a few weeks. The candidates then had to go back home, and get back to studying. How would you feel right now if you were told you’d need to do another exam in 3-4 weeks?

The Lesson?

No matter how you think things went, it could have been worse. While you do not know for sure yet, it is very unlikely that you were as unlucky as some of these candidates.

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