Some Perspective On The CFA Exam

Everyone involved in the CFA exam knows how much passing or failing the exam can mean. It’s not about those 6 hours spent on the exam but rather about those tens and often hundreds of hours spent studying, the money spent on the exam, the fact that it is only months later that candidates can actually retake the exam, etc. I don’t even need to discuss the fact that being asked by hundreds of people if you passed the exam when you didn’t is annoying and even embarrassing. However, lost among all of those things is one key thing:

“Failing The CFA Is Not The End Of The World”

I know, it sure does not feel that way, especially as the exam approaches. Most candidates put in so much effort that even the thought of failing hurts but there are worse things in life. We received an email from a reader who learned after passing the exam that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer in the final days leading to the CFA exam. He was not told about it until after the exam and while he did end up passing the exam, it seemed very unimportant at the time he received the results.

Remember What Counts

It’s easy to get caught up with the exam and become centered on everything that surrounds the exam. We certainly understand this after doing the three levels and also working on this blog in order to help others. As much as our life seems to revolve around the CFA in the weeks and months prior to the exam, life does go on around it, never forget that.

It Will Help You On The Exam

While some of us perform better when pressure is on, I think it’s useful to remember that the CFA is important– however, it is not a life or death thing. You might perform better if you can feel like doing your best is good enough.

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