So You Just Finished Your CFA, Do You Feel Renewed?

Believe me, I know how it feels. After months of having a part of your brain always thinking about what you could be doing instead of sleeping, working, having fun, etc. You are finally free. Free to get home, lay back to watch some tv, have a few beers or just spend some time with friends and family. Not that you couldn’t do that in the past, but now you can actually do it without feeling guilty at all.

I’d Like To Ask You One Thing

Don’t start worrying about if you passed or not, or thinking the nest and worst case scenarios, it’s not worth it, it really isn’t. Enjoy your time off, thank everyone that helped and supported you. Anyway, you will have more than enough time to think about the consequences of having passed or not. If you want to make sure that you take away something good from the exam, I would do one thing before you shut down your mind from the exam.

Think about the exam, what went well and what didn’t and more importantly, what could you have done to improve your chances? Would studying the things to know by heart a bit more have helped you get a few more points? Or spending more time doing practice exams? Or should you have done your first mock exam much earlier? (I think almost all candidates end up feeling they waited too long).

Why Do It?

One big reason why you might want to take notes is that it’s very likely that you will be studying for another exam in the near future, probably the CFA. Hopefully, it will be the next level of the CFA exam. One sure thing though is that you are likely to forget whatever lessons you could take from this exam, it’s so easy to forget these types of things. I recommend that you take notes and take them out when that happens, it is likely to make a big difference in better planning your studying. We seem to make the same mistakes over and over don’t we?

In the meantime, tell us how your exam went, enjoy the good times:)

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