Passing The CFA Exams, Still A Top Way To Increase Compensation

If you asked most CFA candidates why they are doing the exam, I’d imagine that the two main answers would be:

-to increase my salary
-to further my career, get a promotion, etc

Those two end up meaning the same thing when you think about it. No surprise I guess and I’d be the first one to admit that it was the case for me as well (and it ended up working, more on that soon!)

Last week, I came across a new survey done in Canada with CFA charterholders. The average compensation for title holders in 2011 ended up being $239,215, an 11% increase compared with 2010.  Now you’d probably be right in saying that the average could be skewed if a few CFA charter holders are making millions. That makes sense. The median was actually $157,500! Still very decent right?

In case some of you live in Canada, here are the averages for CFA charterholders in a few big cities:

-Calgary ($269K)
-Toronto ($250K)
-Vancouver ($231K)
-Montreal ($211K)

What are your thoughts? I certainly feel like those numbers are incredibly solid and it’d be difficult to find other titles (even the MBA) that would beat those numbers, don’t you think?


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