CFA Results Are In: Most Candidates Failed

It is not a big surprise of course but today, the CFA institute did confirm that only 39% of CFA level 1 candidates did end up passing the exam, a bit lower than last June’s 42% and slightly better than December’s 36%. The number of candidates was once again a record as 144,900 candidates gave it a shot.

Hopefully, the reason you are reading this is not because you ended up failing the exam. If that is the case, we do have some readings that might help and hopefully you will not make any decisions right away about retaking or not the exam. First of all, remember to have some perspective on the exam, it is sad to fail it but also not the end of the world. We each have our own circumstances when studying for the exam. As for telling others, including your boss that you failed the exam, don’t worry about it too much, and certainly don’t fear being fired because you failed.

The bigger question is why you failed the CFA exam and hopefully if you do expect to retake it either in December or in June, you can figure out a better way to study.

I am working on an ebook that will give you my detailed techniques and plan that helped me pass the exam–, be sure to bookmark this blog if you do have some interest.

If you did unfortunately fail, I would also love to hear from you, tell us what happened, why you think you failed, if you expect to take the exam again and how your studying plan will be different the next time around.

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