CFA More Relevant Than Ever?

New-I usually spend my time on this blog discussing the CFA exam and how best to prepare for it. One trend that I think all of you would be interested in though is how much more relevant the CFA is becoming. Yes, it’s always been a very good way for candidates and charterholders to distinguish themselves but I get a feeling that it’s becoming more than that.

It’s A Trend

If you think about the two main things that are transforming the markets these days, I think it’d be reasonable to say:

Regulation: The CFA has certainly been a leader in terms of ethics and establishing clear ethical standards. I’m no exception in not loving that part of the exam but I do have to admit that it’s an important part of the exam.

-Globalization: Increasingly, with companies, investors and institutions being increasingly active in global markets, it is difficult for one government to establish clear standards not only in terms of ethics but also accounting, etc. The CFA Institute however has the benefit of being a global player which makes its voice much more valuable.

So Yes, It’s (Even More) Worth It

Not that I (or hopefully you) ever doubted it but it’s a great time to become a CFA charterholder. So signup for the exam and get your plan ready:)

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