2 Months To Go And You Lack Motivation? Might As Well Give Up…

I received an email yesterday from a reader who is studying for his CFA level 1 exam in June 2013.. he has 2 months to go and told me he’s made decent progress but has lost much of his motivation. I was shocked to hear that. Almost anyone entering the exam has a shot and certainly with 2 months to go, passing is within reach. But if you remember, I firmly believe that the whole exam’s success depends on those 2 last months.

You Might Get “Sick Of It”

I’ve certainly had my moments where I could not get myself to look at my material for a few hours. I just took a small break (2 or 3 days) and was back at it. I never would have described it as “lack of motivation” though. I never felt that way. The problem is that if someone is already feeling that way with the challenging part of the studying barely getting started, how is it possible to hope that this person will be ale to start making the CFA his top priority for those last 2 months?

Commitment Is Step #1

I always say that the first step before even signing up for the CFA exam is making sure that you are ready to be entirely dedicated to that new exam, especially in those last 2 months of studying. I understand that sometimes we have a lot going on and cannot focus enough energy and time on the CFA. That’s more than fine. But just don’t sign up:)

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